Country restaurant

We serve delicious Estonian dishes to both our accommodating guests and hungry passers-by. Catering to a bus full of people is no problem for us, of course preferably pre-booked.

The tagline of our country restaurant is “like at grandma’s in the country”. Thus, everything we offer is from natural meat and fish (not prepared products with preservatives and additives), the eggs, vegetables and potatoes, berries and fruits, as well as herbs are from our own organic farm and the milk we use in preparing our food is from an organic dairy-farm in the village.

A well-known person in Saaremaa just recently commented on our service on the internet, saying that Kipi-Koovi has “warm service”. Exactly that is our goal: a warm and friendly service, that makes our guests feel like they are in the country at grandma’s. By the way, our hostess has in fact already reached grandma status.

The house has been designed following the old building style of the Estonian peasants– only wood and natural stone finishing has been used. The house also has a bar, which is also the reception area for the guests of the entire company. Aside from alcohol, our bar also serves a selection of soft drinks and sweets.

In the same house, aside from the dining hall and bar with a cosy fireplace hall in front of it, the guest can also use the dance hall with oak-wood floors, which we can also furnish as a seminar or conference room if necessary.

A summertime dining house and an outside fireplace corner with a large grill, smoking oven and tables are also located next to the restaurant. This way everyone can find themselves a suitable eating spot, and these buildings also enable us to cater to larger groups if necessary.
We can also be booked for festive events (weddings, birthdays, etc.). We also have rooms and lots of possibilities for organising company summer events.

Come and see what we offer with your own eyes and taste our delicious meals yourself!

OÜ Kipi-Koovi   |   Kipi küla, Saaremaa vald, Saaremaa   |   tel. +372 51 30 517   |   e-mail: