Camping cottages

We have 14 little wooden cottages for summer accommodation. Two are for families looking for privacy and are located by the seaside in the midst of tall junipers with only 200 metres to the beach. A well, DCs, fireplaces and a ball court are located close by.

12 camping cottages are located 200m away from the centre in a pine tree forest, 7 of them have 4 bed places and 5 have 3 bed places. The cottages can be heated with electric radiators. There is enough room for a bus full of people (43 people). It is also possible to find more private corners with fireplaces for smaller groups. This area also has a well and DCs but also a house with showers and WCs with a small kitchen and a roofed terrace. There are also fireplaces and a grill.
The beach is 800m away.

If your bus has more than 43 people, we will give extra rooms from the holiday houses or guest-house at the same price of the camping cottage accommodation.

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